Welcome to our site, pictured are the children, manager and staff of Mazabuka Orphanage(2012).

We downsized a little in the past few years as some of the older children have left, (three being sponcored at school),at the small home we now care for 12 orphans, providing them with security, education and health care.

Our primary focus at Oz Kids International (OKI)  is Community Developement. With a structured plan in place, the home at Mazabuka being the first step of many. Currently we have plans well under way for a much larger childrens home (40 bed) and birthing Clinic (6 bed), this new building will be sent in kit form in June/july 2015.

As soon as the new site is operational we will focus on implementing several  business initiatives to eliminate dependancy on outside aid. While creating local employment and training opportunities. (including a permaculture farm with school and vocational training centre).

For details click on "current and future projects".

100%  of donated funds go directrly to the project. 

 OKI runs a small business in Townsville Australia, Webster Detectors is registered under the Charity and the proceeds more than fund the low administration costs in Australia.

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